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Leaders Journey tv

Idomeneo’s YouTube channel is now – Leaders Journey tv.

We revamped the channel to more specifically support entrepreneurs in the early stages of building or developing their team.

I know what it feels like when you think you have to do it all yourself.  I’ve been there – thinking it was just easier to do it all myself; trying to figure out how to find (and more importantly, pay for) an employee; getting stuck thinking I could do it better and faster (besides, it only takes me 5 minutes, right?).

But the reality is – your job, the one ONLY YOU can do, is big picture.  So, if you’re doing small picture things, you are NOT DOING YOUR JOB!  You are the only one who can drive growth, set the vision, lead the way.  So – do that.  And let someone else do invoicing.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, with actionable strategies to find and hire the right people, motivate and manage a team, and grow your leadership muscle.

Please join us every Thursday for the new episode of Leaders Journey tv.  And, if you know of someone we can help on their journey, please give them our link.

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