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Human Resources

Because a DIY solution - isn't a solution at all.

More than Payroll...

Effective HR is far more than just payroll processing.

It’s about a sure fire way to get the right people, at the right time, in the right chairs – and keep them.

Without that, your business won’t thrive.

Outsourced HR


HR is our specialty, but business is our focus.

Simply put, we’ll help you grow.

That means getting, developing and keeping your star talent.

And, managing the rules, regulations and the “wait, I have to do what?!” surprises lurking around every corner.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.


A friend tells you about a new law, requirement, poster – whatever.  So, you reach out to your HR company and ask them about it and they say “oh yeah – we were going to call you about that”.

What?  Shouldn’t they be reaching out to you?  Shouldn’t they be on top of these changes? The answer is yes, and yes.

Don’t waste another minute on HR headaches.  We know what needs to be done, and we do it.  Simple.


Why waste time getting transferred from department to department; or trying to figure out how to add a tax code.  Why not have The One.

One person to manage all aspects of your HR.  One person your managers and employees can go to for any question.  One person who knows your company – and you – and will keep you protected.

We call them your HR Business Partner – but you can simply call them The One.

You want your business to be personable, professional, and attractive to the right people.  We’ll get you there.  Together we can expand your business in the right direction, at the right speed, with the right tools.

“…that’s probably the most valuable part of what they do… you get all of this consultative industry expert knowledge that we find invaluable.”

“…It’s pretty cool that (they are) called ‘business partner’, because that’s definitely how I feel.  Idomeneo – they’re in this together with us, trying to make sure we’re doing the right thing for our staff, and have that appropriate relationship.”

“I can’t think of anything that would make me move”

What will you say ...

“The team at Idomeneo are terrific business partners. They provide invaluable knowledge and support on HR related issues.”

G. Reisch / President, Retail

Why the laser focus on commitment and culture?

1 %

Increased profitability

with highly engaged teams

1 %

Less turnover

with highly engaged teams

$ 1 Billion

Annual cost

of disengaged employees

1 %

Workers looking

for jobs




How to get - and keep - great culture when your business is rapidly growing

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