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Why Outsource

No matter how small, even if you have one employee, you are responsible for employment compliance.

If you will have 5 or more employees within the next 12 months, you certainly need professional HR support.  Document and process compliance, as well as finding, developing and retaining the right people for your team – it’s all critical. 

But, there is no need to try to figure it all out, and get it done, by yourself.  We have the expertise, tools and processes to take that off your plate.  So you can focus on growing your business.

Idomeneo is different from a PEO in a number of ways. We fall into the HRO (human resources outsourcer) category.

We provide full human resources services, but don’t take your employees and charge you to lease them back to you.  Our model offers you more flexibility, generally at a lower pricepoint than a PEO.

For a more detailed description, check out our PEO Comparison page.

You will quickly find that your employer responsibilities extend far beyond payroll.  Handbooks, posters, minimum wage and other employment law changes, required sick leave and tracking, notice requirements, onboarding – you need to do it all, and look good doing it.  You want your business to be personable and professional, otherwise you won’t attract the best talent.

We specialize in getting you from here to there.

A payroll service will focus on processing your payroll, and tax filings.

But managing time off, writing policies, benefits administration, onboarding, training, staying in front of ever changing employment law compliance, providing consultation to management, facilitating employee issues – these are our specialties.

A payroll service will get you 30% of the way.  Idomeneo will get you all the way from here – to there.

How Does It Work

Unlike other HR companies, where an HR rep will have responsibility for 30 or more clients, our HR Business Partners are responsible for half that number.

You can’t provide concierge service without putting in the time and attention.  And you can’t put in the proper time and attention, with 30 clients.

Idomeneo HR Business Partners engage in continuing education through seminars, coursework, webinars and in-house trainings.  Additionally, all are credentialed and/or certified  through the Human Resources Certification Institute or the Society for Human Resources Management.  The majority of our Business Partners hold multiple certifications.

Yes, we absolutely have the HR certifications and experience, but beyond that we have business experience. We know what it takes to run and grow a business, and we use our knowledge and skills to create solutions tailored to you.

Industries we have worked with include: non profit, education, music production, motion picture production, energy, solar, foundations, medical, design, architecture, construction, consulting, cosmetics, retail, insurance, transportation, restaurant, legal, marketing, real estate, accounting, technology, and financial services.

So, the short answer is – probably.

The longer answer is – if we haven’t, we will.

We just don’t believe a call center or automated web portal can understand your company’s unique personality and needs.

So, when you have a question – give us a call.  You will work with your own, dedicated HR Business Partner.  One person, for all your questions.

We will definitely meet at your offices on occasion.  We cherish the opportunity to meet face to face, and periodically put our heads together in person, to discuss solutions.

But yes, at it’s heart, Idomeneo is a virtual HR consultancy.  This allows us to ensure that we provide you with a consistent, and efficient experience – supported by our deep bench of resources.

We are in sunny Southern California, so in the West Coast time zone.

Our business hours are 9:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Friday.

You can call, eMail, send a letter or use one of our automated tools (chat anyone?). 

All the details are on our Contact page.

Additionally, you can use our always-on tools (such as the KnowledgeBase), found on our Resources page.



Yes we will update your handbook, and keep it updated throughout the year.  If vital new employment laws are enacted, we will update and re-distribute your handbook.

Either way, we will review your handbook annually.

Yes, we can help you evaluate your employees against the exemption categories at both the state and federal level.

Yes you can!

While we are not attorneys, Idomeneo will enroll you in the legal service program offered through our strategic partner, at no cost to you.

This plan is available for companies with up to 100 employees.

Idomeneo will evaluate your independent contractor relationships to determine if they meet the required qualifications.

Idomeneo offers broker services through our sister company, Idomeneo Insurance Services.

Check out our Insurance Agency  page for more information.

Yes, if you elect to use the services of Idomeneo Insurance Services brokers, the broker will receive commissions as your broker.

Each insurance company sets commission rates based on the standards and requirements of the industry in your area.

No you absolutely do not.  In fact, Idomeneo is proud of the fact that we are happy to work with any vendor you choose – insurance broker, payroll company or wealth manager.

Further, clients of Idomeneo Enterprises, Inc. are not required to use the services of Idomeneo Insurance Services agents or partner agents; and may use, or transition to, any agent of their choosing at any time.

Yes, you absolutely can keep payroll in-house.

You may simply engage us for non payroll services, and we will coordinate with your finance department on items that may impact payroll, such as new hires and benefit deduction amounts.

Yes, we have an employee self service platform.

Employees can access time off records, request time off, update their personal information, enroll in benefits etc.

The data in the system is maintained by us, so you never have to worry about doing data input.

You don’t!  We maintain all our technology – that means no data input from you.

Yes, we offer courses that comply with CA, NY, Conn, and national requirements.

We offer manager training courses, in addition to our micro learning videos.

We are expanding available classes and coursework throughout the year.

Yes, we will work with you and your team to determine the core functions of each position, and create employment and workers compensation compliant job descriptions.

With Idomeneo’s Staffing services, your retained recruiter will provide you with the convenience and personalized service of an in-house recruiter, without overhead or on-going costs; and at a fraction of agency fees.

The Investment

Your team drives everything, productivity, innovation, quality – everything. Investing in the front end value, and protecting yourself from back end liability, is key to continued growth.

We are more expensive than a payroll service, and less expensive than most PEOs. And while we know the importance of managing the budget (we are a small business too), we also know the value of making the proper investment in the backbone of your business.

Our pricing is flexible, you can get one service as a stand alone, or bundle them for a package discount.

Having said that, we aren’t the right solution for everyone.

You have specific characteristics in mind as you look at HR consultants.  And, over the years we have been able to identify the type of companies that are positioned to best benefit from what we do.

Generally speaking they are growing, privately held companies, where leadership understands that it is vital to attract the right talent, properly develop the talent you have, and retain star players – and they are willing to invest in that outcome.

Yes, our services are delivered on an annual contract basis.  In addition to making sure your HR compliance house is in order – we focus on sustained employee engagement and commitment.

A successful outcome requires a layered approach and relationship building.  A great foundation vs. a quick fix – that’s our goal for you.

Yes, our pricing is flexible, you can get one service as a stand alone, or bundle them for a package discount.

We believe that when you engage us for a service, you should get everything that comes with that service.  For this reason, our pricing is tied to the service vs. time.

If you engage us for HR Compliance, handbooks are included, employment law updates are included, manager coaching is included, job classification analysis is included, performance management is included – well, you get the idea.

We charge you for the solution, not our effort to provide the solution.

Why choose Idomeneo?

In a phrase, because we will do it all for you.

We find ourselves constantly surprised by the number of HR service providers that consider telling you what to do, HR support.

Execution – that’s the thing! If you have to execute on payroll, or developing policies, or benefit enrollments; if you have to send your HR partner a note that you heard the minimum wage was going up and you are wondering what that means to you; if you find yourself wading through research trying to figure out if or how you can offer your team a flexible schedule – well, we call that DIY HR.

Proactive, experienced, concierge HR support – it’s what you need, it’s what you deserve, it’s what you get with Idomeneo.

Welcome to done.

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