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One Designated Team – Just for You

The needs of a growing company are immediate and unique; you need someone who is well versed in compliance, employment laws, and has the tools to get to the task immediately.

We can quote labor law with the best of them, and of course we love our great technology  – but for us, it’s all about the humans.  Real people, with real world Human Resources, and business experience.  Helping you grow your company, and empowering your team to bring their best selves to work.

And by the way, getting transferred to the payroll department, then the benefits department, then the HR rep is not a helpful solution.  You need one person, who is deeply knowledgeable of your company, who works in all aspects of your Human Resource management needs, and can answer your questions.

Expert Support

  • State/Federal compliance
  • Management coaching and support
  • Employee relations support
  • Leave management
  • Paperless onboarding
  • Job classification analysis
  • Handbook development
  • Legal consultation*

*Legal services offered through business legal plan.

  • Personnel record maintenance
  • Job description development
  • Performance Management
  • Recognition reward programs
  • ‘Best of’ employer solutions
  • Pulse and climate surveys
  • Employee feedback loops
  • Incentive reward programs

Expert Analysis

Employment requirements are in a constant state of flux. Record keeping methods, new hire documentation, employment postings, company policies – it all has to be done, and done right.

Now you can relax. We'll keep you audit ready - in fact, if they come, send them to us!

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