Your people are the backbone of your company.   But finding them, and determining who is right – and who isn’t – is a huge undertaking.  It doesn’t have to be.  You can follow the old process, and try to do it all yourself – or we can:

  • Write the job description (and the posting)
  • Identify critical position competencies
  • Post the job
  • Screen the resumes
  • Conduct candidate interviews
  • Provide you with a manageable number of highly qualified candidates
  • Conduct background and reference checks
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Selection Consulting

We can also train staff and managers on legally compliant, and successful, interviewing techniques.  Do your managers know which questions to ask (and which questions they are not allowed to ask)?

What about Exit Interviews, Succession Planning?  We address all your staffing needs.

The Candidate Experience

Finding the right person is more than posting a job.  What is the candidate’s experience as they go through the sourcing process?  Don’t kid yourself, staffing is a marketing exercise.

We will craft a candidate experience that consistently showcases why your company is the perfect choice for serious talent.

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