We practice the art of cultivating human commitment

Nothing is stronger than human commitment.  That’s why we are passionate about helping individuals ignite their commitment, and bring their best selves to work.

Amazing things can happen when a group of people focus their energy on one goal.

Who We Are

(a not so small list)

  • We value integrity and equity
  • We are business people, who specialize in human resources
  • We strive to be elegant in execution, and graceful under fire
  • We bring excellence in attracting, developing and retaining talent for our client companies
  • We are in love with the details
  • We thrive on solving the problem
  • We are experts
  • We bring rigor
  • We want others to learn and grow
  • We love working with smart people
  • We are patient
  • We understand urgency
  • We will work as long as it takes to get it right
  • We thrive on learning
  • We are growth focused
  • We love using technology to have more time for the ‘people’ stuff
  • We have a strong sense of loyalty
  • We will never not do it because “you didn’t send me the form”
  • We are Human Resources Business Partners, not yesterday’s personnel

“Unlike other service providers, we do not work with a series of faceless rotating specialists. Instead, we have real people who have been with us from the start, and are very much a part of our team and culture.“

CFO / Music Production Company

What Makes us different

  • A focus on attracting, developing and retaining talent
  • The Business Partner perspective (growth strategy, addressing challenges, positioning your people engine for the next hill, and the one after that, and the one after that)
  • Deep HR knowledge
  • A consultative mindset
  • We give a damn, about you, your money and your success
  • We are the part of your executive suite that has the ‘people piece’
  • We will help your company show up to candidates and employees in a way that says, professional, personal, people focused, ‘best of’ employer
  • We are all about giving you the freedom to run your business, and the people to run it better

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