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Talented, highly productive employees can recognize those valuable traits in friends and acquaintances. Happy employees are more likely to share their experience, helping you build a strong reputation with prospective customers and prospective team members Read More
Use of the old W4, resulted in some tax time surprises with passage the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. The goal of withholding is to pay enough in taxes each pay period, so Read More
In an effort to reduce the number of uninsured people, the state of California has implemented a financial penalty for those not covered under a medical insurance plan. California residents who do not enroll in Read More
Parties can be a minefield of potential liability for companies of all sizes, particularly if there is alcohol involved and the party is not well conceptualized ahead of time.
If you are enacting a dress code policy in California, you can’t deny someone a promotion, refuse to hire someone, discipline someone or discriminate in any other manner against someone, just because of their hair Read More
-- Updated December, 2019 -- A hike in minimum wage doesn’t only impact companies with minimum wage employees. The new rate may impact what you pay your exempt level employees as well. California employees who are exempt Read More
We’ve all heard of them, companies that have few, or no employees at all – they only use independent contractors. The thinking goes: 1) it’s cheaper by far, no employment taxes, and 2) no Read More
One of the best things about what we do is our client’s get far more HR rigor than they could with a one person, or sometimes a one-half person, HR department. And, they don’t have Read More
Both California’s statewide law, and LA’s Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring Ordinance (FCIHO), are in response to the Ban the Box movement that has been sweeping across the country. The movement seeks to expand employment Read More
Age old questions when you are sitting across from a candidate. You don’t want to pay more than is required, and the candidate wants to be paid as much salary as possible. Neither side wants Read More
Yes there are minimums – but the numbers might surprise you. General rule of thumb: an employer of one is the same as an employer of many. Yes, there are minimums for a number of labor Read More
Imputed income is an animal of the IRS. Our tax friends needed a way of determining how to tax a service or benefit that employers provide for employees. Some services/benefits are considered exempt from taxes Read More
Internships are a wonderful thing – they give an inquiring young mind the opportunity to experience a working environment, and they give the company access to fresh talent. But beware – if your internships Read More
All employers (no matter how small) are required to maintain this coverage for all employees. The cost of employees extends beyond salary. There are a number of insurance plans required by law, including Unemployment Insurance, Read More
Searching for, and selecting, the right candidate does not need to be painful. And the payoff? Well the payoff is excellence. You have the right people on the team, doing the right jobs, and making Read More