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Today on the Leader’s Journey tv episode, learn about the difference between vacation, PTO, sick leave, and leave of absence. Yep, there is more to time off that a mai thai on a tropical beach.
WHEN SHOULD I HIRE MY FIRST EMPLOYEE By VICKY BROWN I think every entrepreneur knows when things just aren’t quite right: Customer service is slipping – you hear feedback about lack of timely responses, or
There are various frameworks available for reducing your staff costs. You can reduce the hours of employees or cut salaries (sometimes called partial furlough); you can fully furlough employees; or you can do a layoff or reduction in force.
Congress recently passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which will be effective on or about April 2, 2020 – December 31, 2020. Covered employers qualify for dollar-for-dollar reimbursement through tax credits for all qualifying wages paid under the FFCRA.
Running background checks in California, and elsewhere, can be very complicated. How do you do it, are there regulations, what's included. In this episode, we focus on employment background checks, what they are, how to get one done and what to do if it comes back with a negative result
With the emerging developments related to the spread of the Coronavirus, are you at a loss trying to figure out what it may mean to your employees, and your business. You’ve got questions – We’ve got answers.
Talented, highly productive employees can recognize those valuable traits in friends and acquaintances. Happy employees are more likely to share their experience, helping you build a strong reputation with prospective customers and prospective team members alike.
The new 2020 W4 is designed make it easier to understanding how much should be withheld from each check, allow for self-employment income, and account for multiple jobs.
In an effort to reduce the number of uninsured people, the state of California has implemented a financial penalty for those not covered under a medical insurance plan.
Parties can be a minefield of potential liability for companies of all sizes, particularly if there is alcohol involved and the party is not well conceptualized ahead of time.
If you are enacting a dress code policy in California, you can’t deny someone a promotion, refuse to hire someone, discipline someone or discriminate in any other manner against someone, just because of their hair style. Braids, locks, Bantu knots, twists, and other similar hair styles and textures, are traits historically associated with race, and therefore cannot be a basis for employment decisions.
-- Updated December, 2019 -- A hike in minimum wage doesn’t only impact companies with minimum wage employees. The new rate may impact what you pay your exempt level employees as well. California employees who are exempt from overtime, are required to be paid no less than twice the weekly minimum wage amount.
We’ve all heard of them, companies that have few, or no employees at all – they only use independent contractors. The thinking goes: 1) it’s cheaper by far, no employment taxes, and 2) no employer liability – you can’t get sued for harassment, discrimination etc. Sounds good – so what’s the problem?
One of the best things about what we do is our client’s get far more HR rigor than they could with a one person, or sometimes a one-half person, HR department. And, they don’t have to sacrifice the connection (dare I say, partnership) that happens with one person focused on your company.
Both California’s statewide law, and LA’s Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring Ordinance (FCIHO), are in response to the Ban the Box movement that has been sweeping across the country. The movement seeks to expand employment opportunities for those who may have a prior criminal conviction.