CA Wage Theft Notice Update


Hi, here’s your HR quickie for today, December 26, 2024.

I’m sure (and hopeful) that you as a California employer, have made the Wage Theft Notice a regular part of your new hire package for non-exempt employees.  Pro tip – it’s a requirement.

Well, with a couple of new 2024 employment laws, comes updates to the Wage Thet Notice as well.

First up, the new state sick leave law requires an update to the sick leave section of the notice.  It has to reflect the new leave accrual limits and caps.

Additionally, the new form notifies the employee whether there is a state or federal emergency or disaster declaration that might affect their health and safety, and was issued within 30 days before their first day of employment..  This is a new requirement as part of Assembly Bill 636.

An updated notice has been released  by the Labor commissioner– the link is available on the blog version of this Quickie.  Be sure to grab your copy and make it part of your onboarding process right away.  Because all California employers are required to use the new Wage Theft Notice.

And that’s your HR quickie, for today, December 26, 2024.

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