CA Workplace Violence Prevention Plan


Hi, here’s your HR quickie for today, December 29, 2023.

This one doesn’t come fully on board until July 1st , 2024– but it’s a big one so you’ll need to start getting ready right away.

All covered employers are required to develop and implement a workplace violence prevention plan that will be part of your Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.

Now if you’re one of many employers asking what the heck an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan is – well it’s been required in California since 1991, so if you don’t have one, reach out to your HR pro or labor counsel immediately.

The new Workplace Violence Prevention piece requires a number of things from California employers – here’s a small sample:

  • You have to designate the person responsible for the plan, and have procedures for active involvement of employees and employee reps in developing and implementing the plan
  • You’ll need procedures to accept and respond to reports of workplace violence, and prohibit retaliation
  • You’ll also need procedures on how to communicate with employees, how to report an incident or threat, and a way to alert employees
  • You’ll need procedures for post-incident response and investigation
  • and an initial rollout training as well as annual trainings

There are also 5 year record keeping requirements.

If you have a worksite with fewer than 10 employees, and it’s not accessible to the public – well then you’re exempt.  Also, employees who are remote workers and work from a location of their own choice that’s not under the employer’s control (so for instance, if they work from home) – well, they aren’t covered under this requirement either.

This is a big new requirement, so it’s best to start getting your ducks in a row now – because if you wait until May, you won’t make the July 1st deadline.

And that’s your HR quickie, for today, December 29, 2023.

If you have questions, or just need some help – and you’re one of our valued clients, well – just reach out to your HR Business Partner.

And if you’re not currently a client?  Well, get in touch.  We would love to become part of your HR journey.

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