In this episode’s Question of the Day, we focus on How to Interview.

Searching for, and selecting, the right candidate does not need to be painful. And the payoff? Well the payoff is excellence. You have the right people on the team, doing the right jobs, and making the place buzz with innovation and growth. But making that happen takes more than knowing the right interview questions to ask.

In this episode I’m going to guide you through finding good candidates, and using smart interview techniques to select the right person for your team.

In our Happening Around the Nation segment we take a look at:

  • the many states, cities and counties that have New Year changes in their minimum wage rate
  • Connecticut and California’s anti harassment training deadlines – hint, one has already passed

How To Find It In This Episode

[1:22]  Chapter 1 – Happening Around the Nation

[2:41]  Chapter 2 – How To Interview


Non Exempt Minimum Wage Rates Across the US

NY Exempt Salary Threshold

Grab the Sample Interview Questions

Anti Harassment Training


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