How To Reward Employees Without Increasing Salaries

In this episode’s Question of the Day, we focus on How To Reward Employees Without Increasing Salaries.

Kevin’s doing great, and you absolutely don’t want to lose him.  In a perfect world, your business would be flush with cash, and you’d be able to give generous raises to each of your employees every year, or even more often, if the situation warranted.  But the world isn’t perfect.  And while, from a long range perspective, yes, you need to increase revenue so you do have more cash flow room – but right now, that’s not the case.  And you can’t even imagine the unhappy state you would be in if Kevin left.  Oh, you would survive, but there would be a pain.

In this episode I’ll give you the top 5 categories to reward employees.


NectarHR –


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