My Employees Are Talking Politics At Work - Help!

In this episode’s Question of the Day, we focus on how to deal with your employees talking politics at work..

There are a lot of strong opinions – about politics, social issues, economic issues, environmental issues, healthcare issues and all sorts of other issues.  And people have passionate feelings about their perspectives, beliefs and viewpoints.  So, how can you, as an employer, effectively manage the inevitable – passionate – discussions that may pop up in the office.

This episode gives you some guidelines to follow as you navigate these management waters.

In our Happening Around the Nation segment we take a look at:

  •  California’s new COVID-19 related rules for employers
  •  The new Pay Data Reporting requirements, also new for 2021 and also from California

How To Find It In This Episode

[1:23]  Chapter 1 – Happening Around the Nation

[2:58]  Chapter 2 – My Employees Are Talking Politics At Work – Help!


COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards Frequently Asked Questions

Model COVID-19 Prevention Program

California Pay Data Reporting Requirement


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