Offer Letter vs. Employment Agreement

In this episode’s Question of the Day, we focus on the difference between an Offer Letter and Employment Agreement.

Aren’t they just the same thing?  Actually no.  While I know people often use the terms interchangeably they are actually two drastically different documents, and they hold different obligations for you as the employer.

For the most part, in the US most employees are considered at-will – meaning they can resign or be terminated at any time.  But one circumstance that can be a fly in the ointment, is if they are under an employment agreement.

In this episode, I’ll cover the differences between the two and talk about when and how each should be used.

In our Happening Around the Nation segment we take a look at:

  • Ohio’s Employment Law Uniformity Act
  • Long Beach, California’s ‘Hero Pay’ ordinance

How To Find It In This Episode

[1:24]  Chapter 1 – Happening Around the Nation

[2:25]  Chapter 2 – Offer Letter vs. Employment Agreement


Ohio’s Employment Law Just Got a Huge Employer-Friendly Facelift

“Hero Pay” Ordinance Passed in City of Long Beach and Likely Coming to a City Near You


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