Overtime - Who Get's it, When and Why

In this episode’s Question of the Day, we focus on Overtime – who gets it, when they get it, how it’s calculated; and a little known quicksand pit about bonuses.

Any position that’s classified as non exempt, is eligible for overtime.  When a job is eligible for overtime, it means that employee will be paid a premium amount (usually 1 and a half times the regular rate) for any extra work.  Now, how and what qualifies as ‘extra’ can be different state to state.

This episode focuses on all things overtime, and your obligations as an employer.

In our Happening Around the Nation segment we take a look at:

  • the Employee Retention Tax Credit for businesses COVID impacted
  • information on claiming the Payroll Tax Credits for paid leave under the Families First Response Act

How To Find It In This Episode

[1:24]  Chapter 1 – Happening Around the Nation

[2:50]  Chapter 2 – Overtime, who gets it, when they get it and how it’s calculated


Employee Retention Tax Credit Available to Businesses Because of New Lockdowns

Claiming Payroll Tax Credits for Paid Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act


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