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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – recruiting is a marketing exercise.  Actually it’s probably the most important marketing exercise you’ll ever have.  Because, if you don’t have the right people on your team – your business will really be hard going.

OK, so we all know it’s better to be in a position of attracting the talented candidate.  And then once you get them you have to keep them – which is easier said than done these days.  But it is possible.  Yes, of course you want to position your business so you are an attractive company to work for – an employer of choice.

But you can execute on all the strategies you want: enhance the benefits, up level compensation, prepare development plans, introduce work hours flexibility – really, you can do all the things, and they may not do you any good.  Why, because if an employer falls in the woods, does anybody hear it?

If you are doing all these great things, in a vacuum, then you aren’t getting any bang for your buck.  You’ve got to promote what you’re doing and who you are, you’ve got to market to potential candidates.

Alright, so we agree – you have to market to candidates as effectively as you market to potential clients.  And the building blocks are the same.

Every piece of content you put out in the world, becomes part of your brand.  So, what does your website say.  Is it a dry list of open positions, or do you have a real career page that sure, lists openings, but talks about who you are as a company, and what you stand for.  Have you included the voices of your current team members – nothing works better than testimonials.  Remember, for the job seeker, nothing is better than hearing from their potential future colleagues.

… people look for your stuff.  They want to see how you show up, what you’re thinking, what you’re all about….

What about the company’s goals and values – what makes you stand out from the crowd.

And, of course, what are you doing to support your team, inside and outside their careers.

You know, actually your career page is low hanging fruit – it’s the first place every employer looks at when it’s time to spruce up the image.  But there is more – especially in this day and age.

Yep, I’m talking about social, videos, podcases, articles.  You can’t forget about these things – a good candidate is going to do their homework.

So, right now we have the great fortune to be in expansion mode.  So we’re looking for people – oh, by the way, if you’re in southern California and you are, or know of great folks in payroll or human resources – shoot over a message.  I’ll put a link in the show notes.

Anyway – so like I said, we are in expansion mode, and that means I am interviewing a lot – and I do mean a lot – of people.

So, one of your employees just told you that she’s pregnant.  Feeling overwhelmed, with no idea where to start?  After all, HR just got dumped on your plate.  It’s not your zone of genius, and you don’t want it to be.

Managing California Leave is your answer.  It’s an easy to understand course, that explains what the various leave programs are – without the HR gobbledy gook.  And it gives you a clear step by step guide that walks you through the process of putting someone on leave

Yep, you get all the forms, notices and documents too.  Everything you need to do it right and do it fast.  After all, you don’t have all day – you have other things to do!

Use the link to get an Insider’s sneak peek  And don’t worry – you’ve got this.  And we’ve got you.

I was absolutely floored the first time someone said – oh yeah, I was listening to your podcast and what you said about xyz really resonated with me.  Or, yep I look at your youtube channel, and I really like the content.

Now listen, I’m a Leo, and an only child, so don’t fool yourself – I’ll take a compliment any day.  But I do have to say – it kind of pulled me up short.  Because sure, you put out content, focused on your target market – but it never occurred to me that other people would see and hear it, and they might become part of my world.

And yes, I know it’s kind of crazy I didn’t think of that sooner – but, oh well.

My point is – people look for your stuff.  They want to see how you show up, what you’re thinking, what you’re all about.  And it’s not just videos and podcasts – it’s what you write in your blog, or the article on Medium – well all that goes into the pot.  And the best part is – when you put your expertise out there – it’s not just potential clients who began to know, like and trust you.  Potential team members do too, it can help build a bond – and goes a long way in attracting the right people, and giving the others everything they need to decide to self select out of the process.

So get in the content game.  Get your talent, thoughts and personality out there.  Build your brand – it will come back to you a hundred fold.

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