Idomeneo is a full service, concierge HR, benefits and payroll consultancy.  Pairing cutting edge tech with best in class HR expertise, we put the human back in human resources.



Idomeneo takes a transparent, all-in approach to pricing.

Our flat, subscription based pricing means you won’t be charged by the hour, or get surprised by unpleasant ‘add on’ fees.


Zenefits pricing is similar to other software as a service providers.

But what of comprehensive, concierge human resources consulting, from experts who know you and your business?

What of taking HR tasks completely off your plate?

Well, it’s simply not a service they offer.  And with numerous add on fees such as payroll, and even fees to use your own benefits broker – you pay more, for less.

HR Support


We believe your Idomeneo HR Business Partner is a part of your team.

Would any other member of your team tell you what has to be done, and then expect you to do it?

Not really.

Our job is to be on the lookout for trends, threats and opportunities; inform you; then execute on the solution. Write the policy, distribute the notice, talk to the employee – whatever it takes.

It’s. Our. Job.


A technology platform, presenting itself as an HR outsourced solution, Zenefits is primarily a payroll and employee management technology platform.

Zenefits’s HR services include alerts, guides, templates and other resources to assist you in managing human resources requirements.

But the ‘doing’ is left up to you. If you have the time to wade through the knowledgebase, or contact someone at the help desk, this may be an OK solution.

But if you just need to get it done – Idomeneo does it all for you, and does it right.



Running payroll – it’s a necessary evil.

Pulling timecard reports, uploading to the payroll system, creating deduction codes, setting up taxes. No matter how easy the payroll system makes the process, it is still a process. A process you are expected to handle.

Payroll is more complicated than it looks, and critical to get right. You need someone to manage and execute on the whole payroll process, and can deal with the one off situations (workers comp audit, anyone?).

We take on all aspects of the payroll process – and you get to use the extra time to grow your business.


A good payroll platform is nice. But with Zenefits you are still stuck doing all the work.

Transferring the time, inputting payroll data, running the processing, checking the payroll register, dealing with garnishments etc.

You may think “oh, it only takes a few minutes of my time”, but isn’t there something better you could/should be doing with those few minutes.

And, what of the expertise that is takes to evaluate and properly process payroll.  Mistakes can be costly – that’s why you need a payroll specialist taking on this task.



We agree, selecting and enrolling in insurance plans should be effortless, and just a matter of a few clicks.  But right now, it isn’t.

Choosing the right coverage for employees and their families requires the right information, expert guidance, personalized answers, great communication, and yes, the ease and clarity of a good technology solution.

We have the tech – but more importantly, we have the people.  Idomeneo’s insurance brokers are employees of Idomeneo Insurance Services, part of the Idomeneo family of companies – they are fully integrated in the services we offer, and the nuances of your business.

We offer just the right programs to meet your business objectives and budget.

Oh, and if you have a broker and/or plan that you like, you can keep either or both. We take pride in the fact that we can and will, work with anyone who is working for your best interest.


Zenefits was launched as a benefits platform.  So a user intuitive tech experience is a given.

But when we come to the people side of the equation, things get fuzzier.

You are expected to get all the answers using the platform; and if you need more, you are passed off to a certified broker partner – who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know your business, and doesn’t understand your needs.

If you have your own broker and want to continue using them, Zenefits will charge you an additional fee.

That doesn’t sound like choice to us.



Beautiful technology is great, but what good is excellent tech if you’re stuck doing data input?

Other companies offer ‘seamless integration’ and the opportunity to streamline onboarding, benefits, payroll etc. with an intuitive platform.  But, you are still expected to initiate the process, input the data, and be the administrator for the system.

We believe you deserve all the ease of seamless technology, and none of the hassle.

We manage the tech, we maintain the data, we run the reports. You – get what you need, when you need it.


Another technology platform you are expected to maintain.

Do input, act as administrator, if you have a question, call the help desk.

We just don’t think adding tasks (even one click tasks) is helpful to you, or your bottom line.

You can DIY, or have it done for you.

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